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加拿大Essay代写 :制定绩效考评和反馈准则

制定反馈准则:整个评估过程取决于反馈。对于每个部门主管来说,知道如何提供反馈和解释提高绩效的程序是很重要的(Capko, 2003)。


加拿大Essay代写 :制定绩效考评和反馈准则

Developing the evaluation form: The performance evaluation form needs to be developed by setting up realistic goals and keeping in mind the performance measures that have been delineated in the position description. Moreover, it should maintain a thoroughly objective tone and be accurate as much as possible. The multiple headings under which the performance is to be measured should consider the various implications of team work, adaptability, judgment and others. The crucial aspect is also to reduce or eliminate the effects of recent events that might have affected the performance of the employee.

加拿大Essay代写 :制定绩效考评和反馈准则

Developing guidelines for feedback: The entire evaluation process depends on the feedback. For each of the department heads, it is important to know how to provide the feedback and explain the procedures for improving performance (Capko, 2003).
Developing termination and other process: Even after the evaluation and improvement processes, if the performance is still found to be lacking in some way or the other, department heads need to discuss a termination plan and develop a communication strategy to inform the concerned employee.The entire evaluation process needs to be performed keeping in mind a particular time period and the same needs to be informed to the employees in a bid to maintain integrity and transparency.