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加拿大犯罪学论文代写 :杀人犯泰德·邦迪的被捕

卡罗尔·达伦奇(Carol DaRonch)提起诉讼后,对他的指控变得更加有力,他也因此被逮捕。他因此被判入狱一年和十五年。后来邦迪又被指控杀害另一名年轻女子。虽然这些逮捕和起诉本身意义重大,但就邦迪可能被判有罪的杀戮数量而言,它们只是触及了皮毛。对18多名受害者的适当审判是在他逃离法庭后才开始的(Geberth 75-77)。

在另一次越狱中,邦迪进入了一个Chi Omega女生联谊会。在这里,他最终杀死了两名居民,并袭击了其中两人。他被捕前的最后一桩谋杀案是金伯利利奇(Kimberly Leach),一名12岁的女孩。邦迪被判处死刑,并在佛罗里达州立监狱的电椅上被处死。尽管约有36起谋杀案与他有关,但当局有理由相信他可能已经杀害了数百人。

加拿大犯罪学论文代写 :杀人犯泰德·邦迪的被捕

Ted Bundy’s arrest started with stories of women in Seattle who were going missing and who were last seen in the company of a dark-haired man who called himself Ted. She was the only survivor who was able to describe the ruse Bundy used in her own words. Police were more cautious, warning young women about the person who was posing a disability in order to lure them. Bundy by this time had moved to Utah and was attending a law school where he was flagged down by the police. A search of his vehicle showed him in the possession of burglary tools such as a crowbar, a ski mask, ropes, handcuffs and more.

加拿大犯罪学论文代写 :杀人犯泰德·邦迪的被捕

When Carol DaRonch filed, the case against him became stronger and he was arrested in that conviction. He received a one and fifteen year jail sentence for the same. Later Bundy was once again indicted in the death of another young woman. While these arrests and indictments were themselves significant, they barely scratched the surface in terms of the number of killings that Bundy could actually be convicted with. His proper trial for more than 18 victims commenced only after his escape from the courtroom followed by his recapture (Geberth 75-77).
In yet another escape from custody, Bundy got into a Chi Omega sorority House. Here he ended up killing two of the residents and attacking two of them. His final murder before his capture was Kimberly Leach, a twelve-year-old girl. Bundy was given the death penalty and was put to death in the electric chair in Florida State prison. Although around 36 killings can be connected to him, authorities have reason to believe he could have killed in hundreds.