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变革管理已经成为企业管理的一个重要方面。由于企业必须管理日益复杂的商业世界的工作,对更高利润和稳定的商业前景的追求使得它们必须发起和参与变革管理。这意味着变更管理的问题很可能被视为一个过程,该过程可以为组织的工作提供正确的方向,并确保公司能够处理对操作的正确管理。以澳大利亚美孚石油公司(Mobil Oil Australia)为例,包括重新定义组织文化和运营细节在内的变革管理为其利润率带来了提振。

加拿大哥伦比亚大学论文代写 :变革管理



加拿大哥伦比亚大学论文代写 :变革管理

The management of change has become an important aspect of the business firms. As firms have to manage the working of the increasingly complex world of commerce, the quest for higher profits and stable business outlook makes it imperative for them to initiate and participate in change management. This means that the issue of change management is likely to be seen as a process which can provide the right kind of direction for the working of the organization and ensure that the proper management of the operations can be handled by the firm . In the case of Mobil Oil Australia, change management which included redefining the organizational culture and operational details provided fillip to the profit margins.

加拿大哥伦比亚大学论文代写 :变革管理

Change management has come to define the avenues which can be used for the improvement of profitability through radical and incremental restructuring of the business operations. This kind of restructuring of the business is likely to provide the business with the opportunity to have reduction in the costs while increasing engagement with the customers. The change in the management structure is also an important element of the change management process which has allowed the organizations to continuously push for the growth of operations of the company i.e. Mobil Oil Australia.
The change management process becomes imperative and relevant for the organizations which are likely to come up with extremely large organizational structure. Often, decision-making slows in these organizations and it has impact on the development of innovation and synergy within the various parts of the organization . Therefore, using business process reengineering and subsequent change in organizational design, the working of the Mobil Oil was recast.