Assignment First







In the present times personal management is considered as one of the most important scenario for each and every person. It is considered important for the people to follow the personal management techniques in the present life. In this essay we have analyzed a number of questions which are related to the different topics of personal management. Each questions has been answered by two people. First, the answers have been made by me after this the answers are given by my friends.


My friends view is altogether different in this case. He believes that virtual learning is beneficial. He believes that a teacher won’t be repeating whatever has been said once, but when it comes to virtual learning he can learn from the modules over and over again. Another question related to style of learning adopted by the person. I adopt visual learning style as I can understand whatever I see and observe. Whenever I closely observe anything, it can be understood easily. On the other hand, other friend responded that he believes more in kinesthetic. He gave the reason that kinesthetic is the form of learning through which the person can gets the practical idea of the learning methodology and can implement the same easily.

Belbin’s Test for Team role was another question of discussion. It stated that, “Is Belbin a psychometric test?” Belbin is the test which measures the individual contribution of a person on the basis of the Belbin’s theory. Thus, it is the behavioral test as it identifies the preferences related to the team role for any person. It is the measure which contributes the role of the person towards the team. As per the words of other interviewer, Belbin’s test is the measure to understand one’s personality, mental ability, current values and motivations, constraints, experiences and the roles related to one’s own learning and experience.