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加拿大管理学论文代写 :缺乏工作文化的风险



加拿大管理学论文代写 :缺乏工作文化的风险

In organisations lacking a working culture, productivity loses and even the most potential-laden employees find themselves weak in their input. Granting more than required freedom to employees may be seen as liberal in its true sense, but it may cause damage to the company’s prospects of growth. Such conditions make the employee less informed about what the actual knowledge they are required to have , and this creates weaker accounting decisions affecting profits, performance, and overall progress of the organisation.
The lack of purpose drives employees to be more dysfunctional, and is hardly able to be as productive as they usually can under normal circumstances, spoiling their individual and the organisation’s future .

加拿大管理学论文代写 :缺乏工作文化的风险

The lack of proper knowledge about the benefits and perils of control can make the management take wrong decisions about the measure of control (Dávila, Epstein and Manzoni, 2014), which then leads to higher attrition rates and impermanence of employees in organisation, not to leave disloyalty of employees. The individual, unknowing or knowingly, drifts away from its primary purpose, and also impacts the performance of the organisation.
Lack of understanding of the future events in a particular market, the customer needs in the market, and general direction of where the sector or industry is heading, makes significant difference in the way the management seeks and adopts measures of control . Giving too much freedom may harm the collective performance. At the same time, controlling too much may suppress the employee’s rising potential, thus proving such a condition sometimes to present an ethical dilemma for the management.