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  本篇加拿大管理学论文代写-消费者决策讲了社交媒体、品牌社区和其他在线媒体在包括旅游行业在内的各个领域,都在塑造消费者决策方面发挥着非常重要的作用。因此,本文主要对这些观点和影响消费者的因素进行了探讨。本篇加拿大管理学论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The social media, brand communities and other online media are playing a very predominant role in shaping consumers’ decisions in every sector including the travel and tourism sector. Therefore, the essay has mainly discussed on such views and factors influencing consumers.

  1. Based on the paper by Hudson & Hudson (2013), discuss how the role of social media changes in the different stages of the ‘consumer decision making journey in an online environment’. What are the implications for event marketers/managers?

  The basic objectives of modern age organisational efforts towards social media promotion are shown in the below provided figure,

  Source: Hudson and Hudson (2013)

  The following discussed the roles of social media to influence consumer buying decisions in different stages of modern generation consumer decision making process.

  1. Consider: In this stage of consumer decision making process, consumers select specific brands according to their product or service needs considering the promotional approaches that they observe on their daily life. The most influential factors for consumer buying decisions in this stage are television based advertisements, store displays and word of mouth promotions. Hence, social media promotions do not play any significant role in this stage. However, brand and product information shared in social media platforms effectively helps consumers to reduce the number of potential brands to be selected in this stage of the decision making process (Hudson and Hudson, 2013).

  2. Evaluate: Social media plays the most significant role in this stage of the consumer decision making process through helping them to evaluate the brand choices they made to satisfy their product or service needs. The most significant information source which is utilised by consumers in this stage for their decision making is review and ratings of previous users of products or services of specific brands provided in different social media platforms. The reliability of genuine reviews of former consumers helps the newer ones to realise the best suitable brand for meeting their product or service need (Signori and Flint, 2016).

  3. Buy: Social media in this stage of consumer decision making process could have significant impact on final purchase decisions of the consumers depending on the public interaction approaches of the companies or brands (Hudson and Hudson, 2013). Social media based communicational approaches of organisation to meet the consumer queries about availability, features, pricing and other relevant information regarding products or services help the consumers to make their final purchase decisions. Many organisations also use social media platforms for providing online purchasing opportunities to the interested consumers in this stage of their decision making process (Ryan, 2016).

  4. Enjoy, Advocate and Bond: In this stage, the consumers share their post purchase reviews and experiences through different social media platforms. Subsequently, it provides the organisations to develop better relationship with the consumers through meeting their post purchase queries and satisfaction through social media based interactions so that their loyalty could be gained and future purchase decisions could be influenced (Hudson and Hudson, 2013).

  Hence, the relevant implications for tourism event managers are as follows,

  Meeting individual satisfaction and need of each consumer are not easy, and as a consequence, there is always the risk for getting negative reviews in social media platforms that could influence buying decisions of newer consumers in evaluation stage (Signori and Flint, 2016).

  Business expenditure increases due to the arrangement of customer care facilities to interact with customers through social media platforms (Ryan, 2016).