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加拿大航空航天工程学论文代写 :幸福的定义分析



加拿大航空航天工程学论文代写 :幸福的定义分析

Happiness is a word which is widely used by people of all age brackets. Wherever we are and whichever place we belong to, we all want to be happy. We do things that make us happy; we buy things which make us happy. In fact, we indulge in all such activities that supposedly make us happy. However, no one can exactly define the state of happiness, nor can they exactly point out the meaning of being happy.
Socrates had said that the desire for happiness is universal nearly at the beginning of a time when men began to question everything that they would feel.

加拿大航空航天工程学论文代写 :幸福的定义分析

Happiness according to the Greeks was the joy that they felt when striving after their potential. At the same time, Aristotle said that happiness is a state of activity. When one talks about a detailed definition of happiness, Eleanor Roosevelt has done a very clear job by explaining to us what she understood by happiness. Therefore, when asked what she thought were the three important requirements for being happy, she said that honesty meant being true to self and others. Also loving others would make people happy. Satisfaction too at personal and professionally level made people happy.
Happiness is anything that makes one feel good from inside. Now that different definitions of happiness have been mentioned, and it becomes important to understand how a common man uses this word, and what exactly does it mean to him.