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毫无疑问,上述方案和步骤对该集团解决粮食不安全的两个最重要障碍是有益的。为了评估方案的成功和利益,进行了许多研究和访谈。所有的采访都证明了方案是成功的,有利于社区成员分析(Tinetti等,1994,pp. 821-827)。为老年人提供最大支持的最佳做法是当地生产水果和蔬菜。这帮助他们获得了最合理价格的健康、营养和新鲜食品。




The issue of food security could also be solved by including the food manufacturers and the wholesalers. There are certain policies which ensure that the excess food with the producers and the traders should be served to the community groups through a food banks (Stubbs, 2012,pp.63). This would again overcome the physical as well as financial issue of the group. There should be provisions to educate the community group members as well as the family members about the importance of nutritious diet.

There is no doubt in the fact that the above mentioned programs and steps were beneficial for the group as they address the two most important barriers of food insecurity. In order to evaluate the success and benefits of the programs many of the researches and interviews were conducted. The analysis of all the interviews proved that the programs were successful and beneficial for the community group members (Tinetti et al, 1994,pp. 821-827). The best practice which provided the maximum support to the elderly members was the local production of fruits and vegetables. This helped them a lot to get the healthy, nutritional and fresh food at the most reasonable prices.

The elderly people diagnosed with cancer are not able to take care of their eating pattern due to financial and physical limitations (Poscia, Landi & Collamati, 2015). If the person is financially sound but is not having anybody to cook good and healthy food for him, then he would end up eating something just to fill his stomach rather to make that meal count. Similarly if an elderly person diagnosed with cancer is living alone then too he would be deprived of good and healthy food as he would not be able to cook it for himself.

This report hence talks about various similar issues which act as barriers to food security for the elderly group dealing with cancer in Melbourne.