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加拿大计算机信息技术学论文代写 :日托服务的价格


加拿大计算机信息技术学论文代写 :日托服务的价格

Average price of a day Care service per day is between 80 to 120 AUD. The company should ensure that the people are provided service between the baselines. The average cost of taking care of a child per hour is between 6 to 10 AUD. Given the fact there is a lot of need for these childcare services, the charges can be between 8 to 10 AUD for the parents. They will be willing to pay for these services if they are ensured of quality care for the child.
Live streaming of the school is provided for the parents and there will be a separate access fee to view the child.
The people who are enrolling the children in the Day Care are price sensitive hence there should be value for the quality of service provided to the families.

加拿大计算机信息技术学论文代写 :日托服务的价格

During the initial days, there should be the focus to break even the amount that is poured into the business (Wilson and Gilligan, 2012). It is also important to gain a positive brand image in the company. For this there should be the production of quality products at competitive prices. Based on the national average the price per hour for Day care services should be fixed at 8$ per hour for the full day program and 9$ per hours for the half day program. Based on the customization and additional requirements, there will be the prices that will be fixed. The company ensures that the pricing is equal or below that of the competition.