Assignment First


The concept of internet censorship can help in filtering the inaccurate online information and protecting children from the websites that are disturbing, like detailed instructions in drug use or crime, sexual violence and child pornography (Livingstone, 2011). The undue information of internet may result in weakening the moral consciousness of children and polluting the soul of children. Thus, it can be stated that undue websites can result in having majorly bad impact over the healthy growth and progress of children or even can result in crime of adolescent (Chadwick, 2009). However, children are known to be easy for contacting undue information on the internet. As parents cannot be successful in monitoring pages of web that are being browsed by children at any point of time, and at any specific place, the censorship over internet can result in helping the parents for filtering undue website and protecting the children from any kind of misguidance and negative impact of internet (Ólafsson, 2011). A survey of opinion had been carried out according to which parents showed concern in consideration of pornographic information over the internet. For the protection of children from the negative impact of pornographic, violent and extreme information, 93 per cent of the parents had been found supporting the mandatory filtering of internet.
One significant benefit is that internet censorship can assist females of the society in a significant manner. For getting more rate of benefits and click, a number of adult web sites had been found advocating sexual violent abuse over women (Chadwick, 2009). A number of women had been found suffering as the internet ends up making them sold over slavery by the international trade of sex. The censorship over internet can end up blocking the access towards these websites, regulating or even shutting down a number of websites. And thus, this helps in reducing sexual orientation of female within the internet. Thus, the censorship over internet can help in protecting women to a certain limit.