Assignment First



一个成功的项目应该有独特性,应该妥善管理。所选择的项目是通过对教育心理学和职业心理学理论的深入研究而形成的,以便理解和识别重要的人际属性,例如获得成功教学所需的软技能以创造未来的教师。从这个角度来看,可以描述所选项目的独特性,多功能性和良好的管理。这个项目的可信度可以从这个项目所做的广泛的研究分析以及ERC合并者赠款的隶属关系中得到说明。项目的独特性可以从这个项目带来的更新的机遇来加以描述,并且将理解转化为选择可以提升未来教师即兴英国乃至全球学校标准的发展方式。这个项目的团队工作也很明显。 Klassen教授正在与英国专家团队和全球教育领域的研究人员合作。合作者还包括来自英国和澳大利亚的研究人员,实践者以及可靠的数据库研究文章。团队工作是一个很好的项目的例证,并被选定的项目描述。从所有这些角度来看,选定的项目被视为一个项目。


The project selected which has recently been in the news is, “Selecting the teachers of tomorrow: international project aimed at improving school standards”. This new project was released by University of York magazine on 17th march 2015 aimed at selecting candidate by a new approach for making selection of such candidate that have the ability to become the teachers of future. The aim of the project lies in identification of inter-personal attributes required for teaching successfully. The project is long term based with 5 year plan of completion with a total budget allocated as 1.4 million Euros by the European Research Council. It has been the first time that an ERC consolidator grant has been given as an award to UK based education project. This selected is considered as a project as per my perception because it has several important characteristics of an effective project.

A successful project should have uniqueness and should be managed properly. The selected project has been developed through thorough research into theories from education psychology and occupation psychology for understanding and identifying important inter-personal attributes such as soft skills required for gaining success in teaching in order to create teachers of future. From this perspective, the uniqueness, versatility and well management of the project selected can be described. Credibility of this project can be illustrated from the wide research analysis done in this project along with its affiliation from ERC consolidator grant. The uniqueness of the project can be described from the newer opportunities that this project brings forward lying in deepening understanding along with translating the understanding into selecting development ways that can enhance future teachers for improvising the school standards in the UK and across the globe. Team work is also evident in this project. Professor Klassen is working with UK expert teams and global researchers in the field of education. Collaborators are also inclusive of researchers, practitioners from UK and Australia along with credible database research articles. Team work is an illustration of a good project and it has been depicted by the selected project. From all these perspectives, the selected project is considered as a project.