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许多博物学家和艺术家对周围的这些变化做出了反应。其中最着名的是William Words,William Blake,John Keats和Lord Byron。这位浪漫主义者写诗和小说来解释世界上日益增长的工业文化的影响(Bell,2008)。他们介绍了这些怪物行业对自然环境的影响。浪漫主义的高峰时期是从1800年到1850年。



As a result of the industrialism in the world, one expected result was the anti-industrialism. One of the eventual results of the industrialism was in the form of the pollution and waste from these industries. This pollution was affecting the natural beauty of the world and also results in the form of industries on the farm lands. Another effect of the industrialization was the extinction of the forest which was chopped off in order to get more space for the industries. This extinction of the forest leads to the endangering of many animal and plant species.
Many naturalists and the artist reacted toward these changes in the surrounding. Famous among them were William Words worth, William Blake, John Keats and Lord Byron. This romanticist writes poem and novels to explain the effects of growing industrial culture in the world (Bell, 2008). They presented the effects of these monstrous industries on the natural environment. The peak era of the romanticism was from 1800 to 1850.

French revolution:
French revolution was the campaign of the poor’s and oppressors and the rich and the aggressors. It started in 1789 and lasted 1799 in France. It has great influence over the movements of rights in different parts of the world especially in the America. In France, there was the rule of the kings and the queens along with the religious leaders who defies the basic rights of the people of France.
This campaign started by the farms of the lands which spread in most of the parts of the France against the policies and unjust taxation from the side of the rulers of the France (Kwass, 2006). As a result of this campaign Imperial rule ended in France and democratic government is formed which represents people of the France. This revolution of the France had long lasting effects on the democratic values in the world.