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  本篇加拿大会计学论文代写-活动营销讲了活动营销是指组织与客户在特定的活动中,包括音乐会、体育赛事、博览会等,进行面对面接触的促销策略。根据Gupta(2003)的讨论,获胜的活动营销活动除了提供产品或服务相关信息外,还为活动的受众提供了很高的价值。本篇加拿大会计学论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Event marketing refers to the promotional strategy involving face-to-face contact between organisations and their customers at particular events including concerts, sports events, fairs, etc. According to the discussion made by Gupta (2003), a victorious event marketing campaign provides high values to the audiences of the event beyond the product or service related information. Over the past few years, the expansion rate of event marketing is higher than the traditional marketing. Unlike traditional advertising, wherein the companies utilise television, printing media and online media for spreading the product and service information, event marketing targets specific audiences or groups in order to create a quality individual idea. As discussed by Hoyle (2002), event marketing has been growing enormously compared to traditional marketing as the event marketing provides organisations substitutes to the cluttered mass media. Moreover, the event marketing allows the organisation is reaching the narrow lifestyle groups, whose consumption behaviour is often associated with the local event. Barclays Bank in the UK sponsors English Premier League, which is broadcasted worldwide.

  In this essay, the researcher has discussed three key issues of event marketing such as setting objectives, sponsorship and selection of events. Along with the analysis of these three issues of event marketing, this particular essay has discussed the implications of the issues in planning any event marketing campaign. In the context of Australian event marketing industry, the researcher has discussed the impact of issues of event marketing on the planning of campaigns.