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三种设计方案的选择已作为战略的一个组成部分。经过对这三种方案的评估和审查,很明显,在该场地进行娱乐活动的可能性方面,存在着一系列可供选择的地貌形式的可能性,这些地貌形式可以达到理想的结果。这些选择赋予了体验的机会,在保护和展示场地的环境和文化遗产的同时,这种体验是独特的。选项是得分最高的选项。这是基于多准则评估的。这是因为在Old Mans Valley不需要挖掘,这使得开放空间最大化,这是一个潜在的专业公园区域。社区活动、文化活动和访问选项的机会比网站故事更有利。

加拿大留学移民 :景观设计的方案

There is every possibility that a lot more can be heard about the landscape architects in the near future. There has been a misinterpretation regarding the things done by the human beings with gardens. However, the scale and the diversity are huge with regards to the work done on the architecture. There is also promise with the mix of expertise and the skills that have the requirement to deal with certain issues which are pressing in Australia today. The landscape architecture is endowed with ideas in making the cities of the future beautiful, workable and livable. This is consistent of whether it is densification or population growth, urbanization or climate changes.
The use of landscape architecture is pervading. Whether the work is from green tiny roof scale to green infrastructure across the city or from massive mine site in outback that has a remediation, to the designing of the urban pocket park. The landscape architecture is not just involved in projects, but also works on the policy and the landscape architects are the important figures in engagement and consultation.
The provision of sports grounds has undergone measurement at the level of shire wide, but there is also requirement for it that at the local level as it should be accessible. The management of Old Mans Valley Plan permits to develop on the site, a sports ground.
A definitive possibility has been recreation tourism for this site. There is potential with regards to the one part of the site becoming an option for adventure recreation. It was developed successfully for the access of the public to the site to become a regional attraction.
The options of three designs have been prepared as an element of the strategy. After the assessment and the review of the three options, it is apparent that there is possibility of an array of alternative landforms, which can be achieved to have desirable outcome, in relation to the possibility of recreation activities for the site. These options are endowed with opportunities for an experience, which is distinct while protecting and revealing the environmental and cultural heritage of the site. The Option has been the option that scored the highest. This is on the basis of Multi-Criteria Assessment. This is because of the fact that excavation is not needed in Old Mans Valley that resulted in the maximizing of the open space, which is usable as a potentially specialty park area. The opportunity for the events of the community programming, cultural events, and access options have been favorable more than the site story.