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该公司拥有多年采购优质蔬菜和水果的经验,并对新鲜和质量做出了毫不妥协的承诺,使该公司成为该地区最好的果汁经销商。该公司成立于20世纪90年代初,开始成长为在墨尔本和悉尼地区经营的funky juice and bar of salad (Morgan et al., 2012)。现在该公司已将业务扩展到昆士兰地区。最初的创始人仍然拥有这家公司,而且它很受欢迎的是提供健康、方便和美味的食品。产品范围从各种水果和蔬菜为主的果汁到随身携带的早餐项目。

当本组织进入美国时,出口进入策略被选择为出口。它被认为是一个适当建立的过程,是在外国市场内运作的一种传统形式。出口通常被认为是把一个国家生产的产品卖给另一个国家。为了在美国进行营销,重要的投资是必不可少的,因为不需要直接制造(Jouanjean et al., 2015)。各组织之间有一种共同的趋势,即无法获得东道国制造业所需的大量全面资料。然而,这并不意味着需要更少的信息,因为将需要详细的营销战略。

加拿大论文 :澳大利亚水果出口美国的策略


重点介绍了所选出口进入策略的一些好处。这些好处包括,制造业将在母国维持下去,从而降低风险。此外,这将使我们有机会在进一步投资和减少美国在东道国的潜在业务风险之前对东道国进行研究。劣势主要是美国代理商的控制因素,控制损失与优势形成对比(Kurz and Senses, 2016)。在直接出口的方法中,Top Juice将使用代理或分销商。主要的挑战是直接出口的市场信息。无论是控制因素还是损失因素,都被认为是导致促销、认证和定价由他人处理的问题。

加拿大论文 :澳大利亚水果出口美国的策略

The company has had years of experience to source vegetables and fruits of premium nature and has offered uncompromising commitment towards freshness and quality, making the company the best juice dealer within the area. The company began in the initial years of 1990s and started to grow into funky juice and bar of salad operating within the region of Melbourne and Sydney (Morgan et al., 2012). Now the company has branched out into the area of Queensland. The original founder still owns the company and it is popular for deliverance of food items that are healthy, convenient and delicious. The products range from all kinds of fruits and vegetable based juices to on-the-go breakfast items.

Upon the entry of this organization in the United States, the strategy for export entry is selected to be exporting. It is considered to be a process which is properly established and is a traditional form to operate within the foreign markets. Exporting is commonly regarded as marketing of products manufactured in one nation to another. Significant investments are essential for the purpose of marketing in the United States as direct manufacturing will not be required (Jouanjean et al., 2015). There is a common tendency among the organizations to not attain much comprehensive information as required for manufacturing in the host nation. This however, does not imply the need of less information as detailed strategy of marketing will be required.

加拿大论文 :澳大利亚水果出口美国的策略

The method selected for the export entry will be direct exporting of the products by Australian based Top Juice to the United States.
Some benefits of the selected export entry strategy is highlighted. These benefits are inclusive of the fact that manufacturing will sustain in the home nation resulting in reducing the risk. Furthermore, this will allow an opportunity to study the host nation before further investments and reduction of the potential operational risks in host nation of the United States. The disadvantage is primarily of the controlling factor of the agents in the United States due to which the control loss is contrasted with the advantages (Kurz and Senses, 2016). Within the method of direct exporting, Top Juice will utilize an agent or distributor. The primary challenge is of market information within the direct exporting. The factor of either control or its loss is regarded as concerning issue that leads to promotion, certification and pricing to be handled by others.