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加拿大论文抄袭 :公司冲突和怨恨问题



加拿大论文抄袭 :公司冲突和怨恨问题

Conflict is a natural organic part of a company. The people in the company should expect some form of natural differences in issues. However, the issue that arises is when the people assume that there cannot be anything positive that stems from these issues. The people should assume that there is a fundamental sense of fairness and justice in the company to address the changes in the company. There should be positive and active voicing of the issues without any resentment. There should be a process in place that should address the needs of the people without formation of resentment in the company.

加拿大论文抄袭 :公司冲突和怨恨问题

An effective conflict management and resolution solution should be in place for the people to develop solution for the various issues that stems during the course of operation.
Past analysis and analysis of this company has indicated that there are no conflict management issues in the company. These have led to some form of resentment and fear in the company. Defensiveness, conflict management issues and resentment cause the communication between the parties to be impeded. These cause the situation to worsen instead of developing solutions for the various operations in the company. One of the primary ways to resolve the issues between the people in the company is to have active listening model.