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加拿大论文抄袭 :开拓印度市场战略决策







加拿大论文抄袭 :开拓印度市场战略决策

As for the three most successful experiences, the first one that has to be mentioned is my resolute completion of our company’s “Belt and Road” strategic in a foreign country. You know, in recent two years, in order to expand China’s survival place in the international society, our leaders had the foresight and put forward the grand strategy of “Belt and Road”, and come up with policies to encourage Chinese enterprises to actively go out of the country and participate in the global scope of economic competition and cooperation. India has more than 1 billion people and is next to China to be the world’s second largest emerging markets. Under this context, the company I was working, namely China Metallurgical International Engineering Group responded positively to the call of the party and decided to explore the Indian market. Thus, in March 2015, after completing my oversea studies, I came back and entered the overseas markets platform of the central enterprises, namely the China Metallurgical International Engineering Group to work. One month later, I was selected by the leaders as one of the first two the members to be sent to India to explore the market. We had just arrived in India and then found that local poverty and backwardness was stunning.

加拿大论文抄袭 :开拓印度市场战略决策

Based on the above-mentioned strategic decision-making, we have decided to take the following actions:
we formally created an India office and employed India staff to make in-depth studies of the Indian market and help us in project communication;
we called on the Chinese Embassy in India and strived to make a thorough understanding of the political, economic, and social situations of the Indian market;
we extensively visited the local government officials in India, and let them know the development strategy and business strength of the China Metallurgical Group;
We visited the large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in India, striving for the establishment of formal cooperation and working together to take on public works projects;
We searched for suitable local agents, expanded the project sources, and assisted the government public relations. In the implementation of the above-mentioned decision-making process, I myself as a vanguard of the “advance troops”, gave full play to my own advantages in English ability and made extensive communication with the Chinese consulates, local governments, enterprises and the media. At the same time, I am in a timely manner to report to the headquarters, and actively offered advice and suggestions, to ensure the realization of the corporate strategies.