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澳大利亚智能运输系统(ITS Australia)鼓励改进和安排尖端创新,在所有公共和私人渠道上提供额外安全、额外有效和生态可持续的运输。电子收费中心利用其技术为汽车收费提供了一种有效的途径。这些系统使其创新,以收集有效的通行费和尽量减少延误,从而减少交通堵塞。

加拿大论文代写 :澳大利亚智能运输系统

HERO -公路紧急响应行动:HERO的目标是通过减少任何事件对交通造成的干扰,提高珀斯道路的安全性和有效性。值得注意的是:



由于缺乏数据,在重大事件中,当权的官员很难做出正确的判断。必须加强医生/患者和指挥中心之间的数据流来处理这个问题(Chong和Srikanta, 2013)。


加拿大论文代写 :澳大利亚智能运输系统

Intelligent Transport Systems Australia (ITS Australia) encourages the improvement and arrangement of cutting edge innovations to convey extra secure, extra effective and ecologically sustainable transport over all public and private channels. Electronic Toll Collection centre makes use of ITS technology to give a gainful approach for gathering automobile fees. These systems send ITS innovation to gather tolls effectively and minimize defers subsequently lessening traffic clog.

加拿大论文代写 :澳大利亚智能运输系统

HERO – Highway Emergency Response Operations: The objective of HERO is to enhance the security and effectiveness of Perth’s roads by minimizing disturbance to traffic brought on by any events. A note worthy occurrence is any crisis that:
Requires the execution of extraordinary courses of action by one or a greater amount of the crisis services and
Will usually incorporate the contribution, either straight forwardly or in a roundabout way, of substantial quantities of individuals.
It is troublesome for the officers in control in a big event to use sound judgment due to this absence of data. The flow of data between doctors/sufferers and the Command Centre must be enhanced to take care of this issue (Chong and Srikanta, 2013).
The Voice radio is useful for rescue labourers or placing the orders, yet data transfer speed is not much, limit is less, and errors are incessant. It is the desire of ITS to expand the data transfer speed by utilizing advanced information radio whereas diminishing voice radio correspondence. The model comprises of four parts: the neighbourhood Command Centre, Medic divisions, sufferer divisions and peripheral divisions.