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公共领域或平台允许一个国家的公民不受任何限制地走到一起,自由地讨论流行的社会问题和关注(Eide, 2010)。这些公共领域的影响甚至倾向于影响国家的政治和政府,特别是在民主国家。在全球公共领域,最令人担忧的问题之一是腐败的发生。尽管这是一种不合法的机制,但却是一种高度普遍的公共统治工具。在普通公众看来,领域腐败的表现形式是,权力较小的人为权力较大的人所做的工作付出代价。这项工作被认为是在帮助权力较小的人,而不是权力较大的人的义务。

essay代写 :印度公共领域的腐败问题总结


虽然腐败的程度因国家而异,但是,说每个人在某一时刻都直接或间接地成为腐败的受害者并不过分。受腐败影响的人,如普通人、商人、记者、活动家、政府官员、教育工作者等,是能够有效发挥预防作用的人。本文对印度公共生活中的腐败问题进行了研究。首要的重点是了解全球在线新闻和社交媒体如何处理印度公共生活中的腐败问题(Charron, 2010)。

essay代写 :印度公共领域的腐败问题总结

The public sphere or the platform allows the citizens of a country to come together without any restrictions and freely discuss the prevalent societal issues and concerns (Eide, 2010). The impact of these public spheres tends to even influence the country’s politics and government, especially in a democratic nation. In the public spheres around the globe, one of the most alarming concerns is the occurrence of corruption. Even though it is an illegitimate mechanism, nevertheless is highly common instrument of public dominion. In the common public, sphere corruption can be viewed in the form where people with lesser authority pays price for their work to be done by people in greater authority. This work is considered as a favour being done for the people with lesser power, and not the duty of the people with greater power.

essay代写 :印度公共领域的腐败问题总结

Corruption in public sphere could also involve public bodies or organisations mutually swapping favours for their individual benefits. Lack of transparency supports the people in power to meticulously hide the rationale, criteria or legitimacy of granting or denying the alleged “favour”. The corruption degree varies with the layers available for the corrupt people that defy any possibility of public scrutiny, review or criticism.
Though the level of corruption differs from one country to another, however, it would not be overstatement to say that each individual at some point of time becomes victim of corruption, directly or maybe indirectly. The people being affected by the corruption like, common man, business people, journalists, activists, government officials, educators, etc. are the ones who can effectively play a role in prevention of it. In this paper, the study is done regarding the corruption in public life with respect to India. The primary focus is to understand how worldwide online news and social media deal with the corruption in the public life in India (Charron, 2010).