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Facebook、Twitter、Instagram等社交媒体将用于广告宣传。这将是对当地企业和小企业的健康挑战。比赛内容如下。如果他们通过满足BMI的要求和友好的挑战,成功地发展出更健康的生活方式,他们应该参加Bounce fitness健身计划。这将集中在该地区的企业特许经营和小型企业。在他们经营的大都市地区,排名前五的公司将获得折扣,公司将在Bounce fitness的社交媒体工具上免费广告。在这个过程中,公司会得到免费的广告,更多的人会意识到运动的好处。

广告成功的关键原则包括制定一个针对目标受众的计划。这个计划应该对消费者有吸引力。应该对消费者的购买行为和目标受众有一个清晰的认识(Solomon, 2014)。

加拿大论文代写被发现 :广告媒体的选择

目标受众是在企业部门工作的成年人,他们希望改善自己的健康状况。在公司里,人们承受着实现个人目标的压力。健康计划应该基于这些个体来决定(Kotler et al., 2015)。


市场推广活动将以新开发的美观网站为基础。搜索引擎优化,使网站可以找到在顶部的搜索列表在互联网搜索。在关键词竞价上花钱(Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016)。RSS提要也继续对目标消费者基础产生影响。

加拿大论文代写被发现 :广告媒体的选择

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be used for the promotion of the advertising campaign. It will be a wellness challenge to the local corporations and small businesses. The competition has been elucidated in the following.They should participate in the fitness regime of Bounce fitness, if they succeed in developing a healthier lifestyle by meeting BMI requirements and friendly challenges. This will be focused on the businesses franchises and the small business in the areas. The top five companies in the metropolitan areas where they operate will be given a discount and the company will be advertised freely in these social media tools of Bounce fitness. In this process, the companies will get free advertisements and more people will be made aware of the campaign benefits.
The key successful principles in advertising include developing a plan for the target audience by having a goal of the campaign. This plan should appeal to the consumer. There should be a clear understanding of the consumer buying behaviour and of the target audience (Solomon, 2014).

加拿大论文代写被发现 :广告媒体的选择

The target audience are adults working in the corporate sector who want to improve their health. In the corporate companies, the people are under pressure to meet their individual company objectives. A wellness plan should be determined based on these individuals (Kotler et al., 2015).
The media options for this campaign will be focused on the digital media tools such as Internet. The Print and the TV media will be avoided in this campaign. The return of investments isconsidered to be lessfor this particular campaign (Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016). Hence it will be avoided.
The marketing campaign will be based on the creation of a newly developed aesthetically pleasing website. Search engine optimization so that the website can be found on top of the in search list during an Internet search. Spending money on keyword bidding (Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016). RSS feed also continues to have its impact on the target consumer base.