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如前所述,电子商务及其应用的增长,再加上降低进入壁垒和企业临时使用互联网,可以提供一种手段,通过企业新形成的资源扩张来进行测试,以抵消压力。如果信息传递有助于产生收入,那么商业部门将从电子商务业务中获得大部分利润(Hajli & Khani, 2013)。企业利用其智力产出生产商品、文件和出版物,用于信息分发,可以引用逻辑零售商集团。

电子商务的概念将促进企业进入市场,并产生越来越多的收入,有效地抵消经营成本。电子商务的发展可以通过对发展活动和目标的支持得到认可。从早期到现在的在线销售的修订足以扩大资源和智力产出的分配,开始电子商务倡议的阶段(Curty & Zhang, 2013)。电子商务也有必要的支持和框架,为企业轻松实现业务扩展做好准备。为了支持在线销售,电子商务在复杂性和规模上已经成熟,包括先进的支付方式、会计和安全(Turban et al., 2015)。电子商务为企业提供的支持水平包括削减成本、营销、技术培训和支持,以及在线销售的产品类型。

加拿大论文代写 :电子商务的概念

To have strong identity over the market, E-commerce approaches to different ways. Sometimes, it happens to be a means of resource expansion while some time it supports new directions for online development of the products and services. Integration of marketing mix into the E-commerce business will also give that significance and identity over the widespread internet for which businesses are always craved for.
As mentioned earlier, the growth in using E-commerce and its applications, merged with the lowering blockades to entry and the improvised use of the internet by businesses could offer one means of carrying out tests with newly formed resource expansion by businesses to offset pressures. The business sectors will gain most of the profits from E-commerce business if information transmit occurs to help revenue generation (Hajli & Khani, 2013). Businesses use their intellectual outputs for producing goods, documents and production of publications for information distribution can be cited under logical retailer group.
E-commerce concept will facilitate businesses to tap into the market and generate more and more revenue effectively to offset operating costs. The growth of E-commerce can be acknowledged by supporting to the activities and goals of development. Revision of online sales from earlier to present date is sufficient for resource expansion and distribution of intellectual outputs to embark on the phases of e-commerce initiative (Curty & Zhang, 2013). E-commerce also has necessary support and framework ready for businesses to achieve business expansion effortlessly. To support online sales, E-commerce has now gets matured in complexity and size as well to include advanced payment methods, accounting and security (Turban et al., 2015). The support levels that E-commerce provides to businesses are cutting costs, marketing, technical training and support and lastly the type of products available to sale online.