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  本篇加拿大论文代写-公司文化研究讲了通过解释工作结构的增强和对IT行业业务的集体影响可以很容易地解释对熟练程度的度量(Copland et al. 2015)。这清楚地说明了雇佣不会读、写或说语言的员工,并恰当地显示了沟通问题的发展。说明与任务有关的业绩所需要的技能清楚地说明了多文化公司的障碍,这表明适当地分配资源以改进沟通过程。这清楚地描述了解释文化障碍的公司所面临的主要挑战的发展。。本篇加拿大论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The measurement of the proficiency is being made by explaining the enhancement of the structure of the work and the collective impact on the business of the IT industry can be easily explained in this case (Copland et al. 2015). This clearly explains the hiring of the employees who cannot read, write or speak languages, and properly shows the development of the communication issues. The skills required for illustrating the performance related to the tasks clearly illustrates the barriers in the multicultural companies, which shows the appropriate allocation of the resources for the improvement of the communication process. This clearly describes the development of the major challenges that are faced by the companies which explain the cultural barriers.

  The thesis question set in this context of the leadership is provided as follows:-

  How do co-leaders negotiate their leadership stances, styles and identities between front stage and backstage interactions?

  Relevant literature

  The theories and evidence clearly explain that the people face problems in finding jobs in the IT industry. Many IT companies are focusing on hiring workers of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The multicultural workforce can bring many advantages such as wide range of perspectives and increase the ability to compete in the international market. Thus, introducing new cultures and languages in the workplace helps in raising barriers and challenges that should be overcome. The differences in the language and culture can hinder the effective communication. The individuals who are not able to speak fluently the language that is being used by the managers of the company becomes difficult for them to respond appropriately (Taylor 2009). The employee’s consists of many issues at their job are depicted to be as difficulties in understanding the needs of the customers. The misleading or incorrect information is also included in the issues as faced by the employees. Moreover, the language barriers create problems to the organization such as employee resistance and unwilling to adapt the different cultures with the organization. The individuals have little social interactions that face more difficulties in finding the job in the IT industry. The managers can face difficulties in managing the employees with different culture and language. The employees are provided with appropriate direction by using different communication skills and techniques. The immigrants face more challenges in finding jobs due to differences in language. The attitude, behaviour, and characteristics of the immigrants cannot adjust with the current labour market.