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大多数关于人类起源的故事都来自于想象和猜测。这些故事是基于来自埃及和阿拉伯世界的古代居民的推测。他们给出了人类或亚当起源的不同版本,并被称为亚当和夏娃,亚当和夏娃也被称为Amma Hauwa由一个伟大的形式,有时被称为有人类的形式,有时被尊崇为无形式。

这一终极创造力量的名字令人肃然起敬。故事情节取材于史诗《吉尔伽美什》、美索不达米亚的Enuma Elish故事,以及古希伯来文本中像利维坦这样的神话生物。神被称为以禄神,甚至是耶和华,是为了表达古代希伯来文献中对上帝的崇拜之情。因此,虽然创世的故事可以追溯到古代希伯来和美索不达米亚的一些小典故,而故事中真正被广泛接受的创世故事是《创世纪》中详细描述的故事。

Most stories of human origin have been drawn from the imagination and surmise. These stories have been based on projections of the ancient inhabitants from Egypt and the Arab world. They gave differing versions of the origin of man or Adam, and referred to as Adam and Eve, who was also addressed as Amma Hauwa by a great form that sometimes has been spoken of as having a human form and sometimes is revered as being formless.
The name of this ultimate creative force is taken with great awe and respect. Episodes are drawn from the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Mesopotamian stories of the Enuma Elish and also parts of the mythical creatures like the Leviathan in the old Hebrew texts. God has been referred to as Elohim and even Yahweh to express the great feelings of worship that the ancient Hebrew texts according to the Lord of creation. Therefore, while the stories of creation can be traced to some small references in the ancient Hebrew and Mesopotamian, and tales the real story of creation that has been largely accepted is the one detailed in the Genesis.

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Thus, while the versions of the origins have been interpreted over the centuries to have differing meanings, the roots of the stories have always arisen from the spatial land area that is called the Middle East in the current maps. It has been noted in history as the seat of great Mesopotamian civilization. The mention of the two rives Tigris and Euphrates as having emanated from Eden gives the linkage of the stories of the origins to the place where they have originated in the first place. The fertile land between the two rivers was a coveted place of settlement from those belonging to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization.
Even the scientific theories propounded by biologists, anthropologists and ancient historians have set the location of the origins of man to be this central part of the world. According to anthropologists the parts of Africa bordering on the Middle Eastern side were the birthplace of all humanity. It is from here that the great migrations took place and mankind went on to inhabit the entire world as we know it today.