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加拿大论文代写价格-Modernist art design。现代主义是对现实主义的保守规范和价值观的反叛。也许现代性最集中的动机是拒绝旧的传统,融入新的写作、新的艺术形式和新的思维。现代主义基本上拒绝启蒙运动的执着信仰,这个时代也拒绝全能上帝的存在(Greenhalgh, 1990)。现代性或现代主义的基本术语包括活动,他们认为传统形式的建筑、文学、艺术、文化、社会组织、信仰和宗教,与新兴的工业化世界的社会、经济和政治改革相比,一切都在过时。现代主义运动的发起是诗人庞德的作品《让它变得新的》。这就是过时运动的方法。本文的目的是通过格式塔原则来探讨现代艺术中的知觉观念。

The age of Modernity is considered as the epoch, which was initiated with Enlightenment, roughly from 1687 to 1789. This was the period when Isaac Newton discovered the importance of Science and stated that science could save the world. The philosophical concepts of Immanuel Kant and Rene Descartes were successful in shaping the age intellectually. Thus, Modernity is basically the term that refers art, which was started in the post-medieval Europe. The term modernity more clearly explains the movement associated with modernism, which included cultural movement and cultural tendencies.
Ambiguity is considered as a theme that has ability to bind perception. Peter and Paul goblet, My Wife and My Mother-In-Law and My Husband and My Father-In-Law are the ambiguous visual illusions, which force’s the viewer’s perception to switch back and forth between two different images. This situation explains that brain cannot conjure two contradictory images at once. This image also transforms the two dimensional plane. According to David Groome “this figure can be seen as two faces or a vase and it is not difficult to make it alternate rapidly and at will between the two interpretations” (Groome, 2013). In the construction of the design image, distinction is exploited by developing ambiguous image. The curves match flawlessly with the curves of the other image (curves of vase and curves of faces). Same way, when viewers concentrate on eye of My Wife and My Mother-In-Law, the brain starts making sense of rest of the image. In My Husband and My Father-In-Law, the nose line provides the basis for concentrating and by that two faces can be distinguished. Thus the images illustrate the problem of space perception, movement perception, and also physiognomy. According to the construction rule, the image should be flat and with little texture on it.
The color theory explains the use of different colors and the effect they create. Visual art designs are considered to the communicative designs. They are meant to communicate something or display some sign. The effectiveness of any design is based on how well the communicative elements have been included in the design. The association of communicative elements must be done by keeping in mind, the perception of the audiences. The challenge for the designers is to create such designs, which are aesthetically appropriate and visually alluring for the targeted viewers, “but which are also functionally-legible and support the encoding of communication messages so that these are effectively decoded as intended” (O’Connor, 2015). Color and contrast also play an important role in the visual perception of a design. The visual communication can be enhanced through colors.

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