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加拿大论文代写 -酒店管理的风险建议

Risk, crisis and disaster management is the fundamental duty in the travel and tourism industry. Hotels form the most integral part of tourism industry and need to follow multiple legislation which are relevant for its smooth operations and seamless service delivery. Risk management, crisis management, and disaster management are practices which make the business or a hotel stronger in its operations, and with appropriate practices of managing risk, crisis and disaster, it develops the ability to be more resilient and sustain the most aggressive downfalls. Loss of life and property can be saved by managing all these aspects of the hotel safeguarding activities.
This report will identify breaches in the NSW legislation related to workplace safety and health and make probable recommendations about the risk, crisis, and disaster management strategies for sustaining the hotel.
Risks associated with the hazards and their priority

  1. If the staffs are not trained enough for polite behaviour with guests, they will not produce the required results and service will deteriorate. Hiring the wrong people will end up in a mess and closure of the hotel, due to lack of delivering even a minimum quality service (Ishikawa and Tsujimoto, 2009).
  2. Not following safety guidelines and allowing anyone to enter without permission can be dangerous as there could be a threat to life and property inviting strong legal claims. Not having a maintenance team will end up in poor quality products and services resulting in bad reputation in the market, increased costs, less profits, and closure of hotel.
  3. The health and safety committee not having a periodic meeting and health employees’ not getting proper training will result in poor knowledge about risk assessment and the chances of risk, crisis and disaster will increase leading to loss of life and property. Hiring the wrong candidates will result in poor service, negative feedback, consistent decline of profits and eventual closure of the hotel. Not maintaining employee discipline will create a wrong image and perception about the hotel and guests will not repeat their stay. Not keeping proper product knowledge and not having a proper legal enforcement of product purchase will result in enhancement of risks, crisis, and subsequent cost to the owner and bad reputation in market.
    The hiring of the best employees is the priority, followed by proper training in all sections including health and safety. This will lessen the concern about the service. Then the entire hotel maintenance contracts to be renewed especially of the lift to make it regular and involve everyone in a clean-up drive. Getting everyone acquainted with the requisite law which are to be followed is a must to adhere to all guidelines. Appointing a dedicated and loyal health and safety personnel is a must and much emphasis must be given to his or her training.