Assignment First

  本篇加拿大论文代写-男子气概讲了男子气概首先被认为是非凡的身体力量、可生育的精子、智力的质量、卓越的知识、比聪明的态度、更大更结实的肌肉和更高的相貌。男性特质也体现在那些能够打败敌人、保卫王国、能够保护和提供生存手段的人身上。这些是一些性格特征,定义了一个有男子气概的男人通常和最流行的假设。此外,男子气概还意味着卓越的智力、满足、冷静的态度、卓越的战争和欺骗技巧、不战而胜、在避免战争方面具有明显的创造性、维持持久的和平以及能够获得在复杂社会中解放一个人的性别角色的手段。本篇加拿大论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  What is masculinity in men?

  Masculinity thought by many people as a social construct, is in fact a divine gift that comes with the attached gender. Masculinity can never be a social construct, because masculism is the most natural, unavoidable, inevitable, and obvious character trait of a male gender. Its alteration in later stages of life is a social construct.

  Masculinity is firstly thought of as phenomenal physical prowess, fertile sperms, quality of intellect, superior knowledge, outsmart attitude, bigger and firmer muscles, and taller looks. Masculine qualities are also observed in those who could defeat their enemy and defend a kingdom, who could protect and offer means of survival, etc. These are some of the character traits that define the usual and most popular assumptions of a masculine man. In addition, masculinity also means intellectual excellence, contentment, calmer attitude, superior warfare and deception skills, winning without war, being overtly creative in avoiding war, sustaining everlasting peace, and being able to attain the means of liberating one’s gender roles in a complex society. These qualities are identical with the time that was more evolutionary in terms of societal development, and economic expansion. However, one always feels that there has to be development and evolution which is inevitable to escape, and men have rightfully secured a particular identity which is aligned with the demands of the time. This may be true when analysed from the perspective of evolutionary theories, but the masculine character traits are not unnatural and constructed, but they are a divine gift to be utilised to enhance one’s own and society’s advancement.

  Masculinity, thus, is an ever attached character trait of men and who are doomed to failure and dislodge from their primary goals and intent if they shift away from these character traits. If the male take a detour from the very traits that he is required to have in order to own his identity, he would lose grip on his identity and destroy his journey.