Assignment First

  本篇加拿大论文代写-生理觉醒本身相关的反应讲了早些时候,沙克特和辛格进行了这项研究。他们从事这项研究是为了解释,与生理觉醒或生理觉醒本身相关的反应在本质上是模糊的,而且人们经常选择错误的刺激来描述这种觉醒的原因。他们进一步深入地解释和传播了情绪的双因素理论,并对其进行了进一步的解释。这是为了证明一个观点,即当一个人处于压力、害怕或各种各样的原因时,一个潜在的伴侣可以说是更有吸引力的,这些原因可能是任何原因,而不是身体唤起的浪漫原因。本篇加拿大论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Earlier the study had been taken up by Schachter and Singer. They had taken up the studies to explain that the responses related to physical arousal or the physical arousal itself was ambiguous in nature, and often a wrong stimulus was selected by people to describe the reason for such arousal. Further they had gone ahead and explained and propagated the Two Factor Theory of Emotion which has been explained further. This is trying to prove a point that is a potential partner can be said to be more attractive by a person when they are under stress, are scared or various such reason which could be anything but the romantic reason for physical arousal (Reisenzein, 1983).

  The initial test included the crossing of two kinds of bridge by men and women where one bridge was a suspension bridge, which would induce fear and the other was a sturdy bridge which would not induce fear of any kind. This experiment included that the women would be on the respective bridges and a man would be made to meet them at the end of the bridge to see if the responses of women of different bridge was different. In the given experiment the men were asked to walk down the bridge and thereafter take the Thematic Apperception Test. The level of arousal and capacity to find a person of opposite sex is determined by each thereafter. When the men and the women met, the women exchanged their numbers with the men, and the researchers further studied the way men had called the women back if at all they had. Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron were the people undertaking this experiment and wondered if there were other reasons why the women would be called by men, or if there were other reasons which affected the responsiveness of men towards the women like being in other relationships, or the gestures of the women’s body.

  Therefore the conditions under which the men were studies by these researchers were changed. That is the women were made to ask questions from the men under two different conditions. One was asked from the men who had immediately crossed a 450 foot long bridge and the other who had crossed the bridge but at the same time had enough time to rest, so that their heartbeat would calm down and they would be in a state of normality again. The point that Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron were trying to prove was displayed through the said experiment that is the men who crossed the bridge immediately showed higher level of arousal towards the women, while they were speaking to them and at the same time the one who had rested, did not show as much (Dutton & Aron, 1974).