Assignment First

加拿大论文代写 -The dignity of the person。 Human dignity is associated with the self-worth of individuals and what they stand for in society. The value attached to the human in addition to the various beneficiary actions he or she performs makes his or her dignity and a suitable position in society. Human dignity is more about how the individual sees himself or herself along with how the society sees him or her, which makes the sum total of an individual’s dignity. In addition, morality, ethics, and political discourse consider humans as having an inherent value. It also believes that they have an innate right to be respected, valued, and receive ethical and moral treatment.
Human dignity is a universal concept and is associated with the self-worth and value of individuals and not on the benefit they provide. Humans are considered as an end and not as means to an end. The case of Bayley and Steven who have repeated their offense are nowhere closer to the claim that parole offenders take long to commit a repeat offense. The situation is ambiguous and indecisive as every case is contextual and not universally similar. This leads to the conclusion that the authorities must ensure that the parole offenders act morally and are supervised heavily to avoid repeat offense, and do not take chances in releasing potentially dangerous offenders in society who causes harm to the human dignity of innocent citizens. The decision is tricky and will be based in case to case basis and the analysis of the offenders’ background. Dignity is a human right and must be respected and the relevant authorities must do everything to sustain its protection.

加拿大论文代写-The dignity of the person。人的尊严是与个人的自我价值和他们在社会中所代表的东西相联系的。对人的重视,加上他或她所做的各种有益的行为,使他或她的尊严和适当的社会地位。人的尊严更多的是一个人如何看待自己以及社会如何看待他或她,这就构成了一个人的尊严的总和。此外,道德、伦理和政治话语认为人类具有固有的价值。它还认为,他们有被尊重、重视和接受伦理和道德待遇的天生权利。