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  本篇加拿大论文代写网-殖民主义的影响讲了摘要原住民身份的建构与安置是一个非常复杂的过程,近年来,民族与族群的概念发生了重大的转变。这些概念对于建构原住民认同很重要,但远未实际应用。原住民身份的社会建构也出现了变迁。对Corntassel(2012)的研究发现,世界体系中存在着各种破坏力量和实体,这些破坏力量和实体切断了土著人与他们的文化、社区和家园之间的联系。Corntassel(2012)指出,“今天的土著意味着通过挑战持续的、破坏性的殖民力量,努力恢复和再生一个人的相关的、基于地域的存在”。本篇加拿大论文代写网文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Important Points Connecting to Sociological Understanding of Globalization

  The author discusses that construction of the indigenous identity and forming a place for them have been very complicated process, because in the recent years, there is a significant shift in the concept of nationality and ethnicity. These concepts that are important for construction of indigenous identities are far from practical application. Shift has also been noticed in the social construction of indigenous identity. The study of Corntassel (2012) has found the various destruction forces and entities in the world system, which has disconnected the relationship of the indigenous people to their culture, communities and homelands. Corntassel (2012) stated that “Being Indigenous today means struggling to reclaim and regenerate one’s relational, place-based existence by challenging the ongoing, destructive forces of colonization”.

  The effect of colonialism can be considered multifaceted and multigenerational process that is related to global world system. This effect has resulted in dispossessions and disconnection from the land, culture and community. The author of the article Fenelon and Hall (2008) noted a significant point regarding the struggle of the people of first Nation in Canada and the United States. According to author, the indigenous people in Canada and US have struggled due to the treaty relationships, different forms of legal sovereignty and the development of the racism by dividing ‘minorities’. The different and complex systems of the government increase the constant friction between the government and Indigenous people. Globalization also has ignificant impact on indigenous people, the globalization can be considered as the contemporary capitalism or the ‘world-systems’. Hence, the author focuses on the contemporary and the historical conditions of the indigenous people to understand the ongoing destruction of indigenous culture in the ever advancing world system (it includes market system and nation states).