Assignment First

  本篇加拿大论文代写-系统思维方法讲了在系统思维方法中,主要的要素是边界概念。系统思维中的边界概念试图从边界的角度来界定系统中出现的骄傲。在冲突的理解和解决中有一个边界是更好的,因为它有助于产生更好的解决策略,并更好地瞄准利益相关者的利益。本篇加拿大论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Systems Theory

  In the systems thinking approach, the primary element is the boundary concept. The boundary concept in system thinking attempts to define the system within which the conceit occurs in terms of boundary. Having a boundary in conflict understanding and resolution is better because it helps in bringing about better resolutions strategies, and better targeting of stakeholder benefits. In the case of Galilee, during the “Peace for Galilee” defining better boundaries would have helped all stakeholders concerned (Sugden, 2006). This was a very poor example with respect to defining boundaries. In this approach, the main actors included within the boundaries were the Israeli army and the Palestinian leadership. They were considered the main institutional actors. These were identified in the case were only these two and this did not include the others. There are much fragmented parts of the Lebanese society that should have been included but then their priorities and needs in this situation were completely disregarded as well. It is as if a primary segment of stakeholder impacted by the peace and conflict resolution processes were completely ignored. In the framing of boundaries, there should have been some specific dimensions such as the physical, the temporal, the symbolical and the ethical. The “Peace of Galilee” did not seek to consider all these parameters, instead the focus was just on how to handle the resistance and how to quell the Palestinian forces. The lack of understanding of the different boundaries and associated institutional actors are seen to be a cause for the continuing conflict.

  State and activity variables are to be considered in context. Some of the state and activity variables that needs to be comprehended is the innate understanding dynamics for the conflict. In the conflicts, for instance, the ethnic group was in support of the resistance because they wanted to reduce the economic discrepancies that they were facing in the country. Much of the influence variables during the ‘Peace for Galilee’ movement was that of economic differences. Rebellion would be considered as an activity and on the other hand, the economic difference would be considered as a structural aspect. Rebellion is hence an activity variable here and economic differences is a state variable. In terms of rebellion, as an activity variable, it could either happen or it would not happen. On the other hand, the economic difference is a state variable.