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雅玲古堡古屋酒店以其所提供的增值服务让每一位游客都感到满意。在鼓励人们享受购物的同时,他们也学习了Yarra valley的特色菜肴和烹饪理论(Visit Melbourne, 2016)。这些餐厅培养了游客的兴趣,让他们一生至少体验一次这样的烹饪。酒店拥有内建的酒楼餐厅,丰富的待客之道,自然风光与人的心情融为一体。

加拿大论文代写 :雅玲古堡古屋酒店的增值服务



加拿大论文代写 :雅玲古堡古屋酒店的增值服务

Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel brings the satisfaction of every tourist with the value added services that it offers. As people are encouraged to enjoy shopping, they are also educated about special Yarra valley dishes and culinary theories followed (Visit Melbourne, 2016). These develop the interest among tourists to experience such culinary at least once in their lifetime. The hotel has an in built winery restaurant with rich hospitality and natural sceneries that blend with the moods of people.

加拿大论文代写 :雅玲古堡古屋酒店的增值服务

The primary information conveyed in the site also includes the regional harvests such as freshwater fish organic vegetables, fresh preserves, artisan dairy products that everyone should necessarily try out when they visit. The site visit motivates the visitors to get fascinated through the hospitality and unique architecture. The practical gastronomy is all that is visible in this historic hotel by means of amenities, scope for exploration, trading and cultural delights.
The hotel has perhaps presented itself as a wonderful tourist product ensuring great experiences for the tourists to dine in and enjoy their times. It is truly bliss to come across and enjoy historical experiences in this hotel.