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  本篇加拿大论文代写-员工健康计划讲了Actec系统遵循缺勤管理系统来激励和授权员工。该系统包括广泛的健康项目,旨在改善他们的表现和控制缺勤率。该组织开展了心理意识项目,改善了员工的整体健康和饮食模式。它还建立了精神耐力,创造力和培养新的学习技巧。健康计划的结果是,Actec系统发现工作表现有所改善,缺勤率有所下降。员工也意识到自己足够健康,能够满足组织的需求。本篇加拿大论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Actec systems follow absence management system to motivate and empower its employees. The system comprises of wide range of wellness programs that are meant to improve their performances and control absenteeism rate. The organization has conduct mental awareness program that improved the overall health and diet patterns of employees. It also built mental stamina, creativity and fostered new learning techniques. As a result of wellness programs, Actec systems observed improvement in performance and absenteeism percentage reduced. Employees also realized themselves fit enough to meet the needs of the organization (Andrew, 2016).

  Few companies also tie up with third parties for the wellness programs. Fitbit has an in built corporate wellness program and also offers engaging programs to the other companies. The programs actually tend to reduce medical costs incurred by employees and also reduce sick days. Fitbit Wellness follows fitness oriented wellness program that will enable employees to stay physically fit which will in turn activate their interests to fit the needs of organization. One successful program organized by Fitbit was performed by BP where employees have touched one million steps within a period of one year (Rothfield, 2015). By this way, the health of employees is maintained and they are also aware of their capabilities.

  Employee satisfaction is extremely crucial for the well being of an organization. These wellness programs have the tendencies to help employees to grow emotionally with the organization. There are 5 potential benefits upon conducting wellness programs to reduce absenteeism (Paychex, 2016).

  There is a better bond created between managers and other professionals who will further strengthen the relationships and team productivity.

  Talent retention is feasible with such motivational programs offered to them.

  Employee satisfaction increases when they realize that the organization cares for them.

  Healthcare costs to be allocated for every employee by an organization will reduce.

  Creative wellness programs tend to develop creativity and application of better memory techniques at work.