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对于那些想在传媒业扬名立万的年轻发烧友来说,编剧被认为是一条非常理想的职业道路。这个职业非常适合那些想通过成为一名高评价的自由撰稿人来在职业和经济上建立自己的人(Prospects, 2016)。它为他们提供了经济上的稳定和成名的机会,同时做他们最喜欢的事情。因此,很明显,大部分传媒专业的学生都想发展自己的编剧职业。据观察,许多剧院,如皇家剧院和布什剧院鼓励年轻和充满活力的编剧,允许他们主动提交他们的剧本(戴维斯,2011)。因此,年轻的发烧友有很大的机会去发掘自己的创意才能和技能,以实现自己的职业目标,但另一方面,电影行业给新人的直接进入行业的空间非常小(Batty, 2014)。然而,没有哪个部分是次等的。如果一个人想成为英国电影和电视艺术学院奖(BAFTA)或奥斯卡获奖编剧,那么他必须从某处开始,为成功路上的每一个障碍做好准备(Stack, 2006)。我们还发现,英国和美国的编剧质量存在着巨大的差异(Silver-Lasky, 2004)。此外,学生必须完全识别和认识进入这个行业的每一个可能的途径。所以分析所有可能的入口通道也是非常重要的。电影行业和编剧行业正在经历一段艰难时期。目前在这个领域有一些趋势问题。有一些优势使得这部分行业成为一个重要的和影响因素,但也有一些弱点,对行业构成巨大的威胁(Hendricks, 2010)。这种情况要求采取适当和完善的战略。有一些建议需要仔细观察和分析,以便更好地了解目前的情况。

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Screenwriting is considered as a much-desired career path by the young enthusiasts who want to make a name in the media industry. This career is very much suitable to persons who want to establish themselves both professionally and financially by working as a highly rated freelance writer (Prospects, 2016). It provides them a financial stability and opportunity to rise to the fame while doing what they like most. Therefore, it is obvious that a large portion of media students want to develop their career as a screenwriter. It is observed that many theatres like The Royal Theatre and The Bush Theatre encourage young and dynamic screenwriters by allowing them to submit their unsolicited scripts (Davis, 2011). Thus, the young enthusiasts have a huge opportunity to explore their creative talents and skills in order to proceed to the career goal, but on the other hand, the film industry has a very little scope to allow the newcomers for a direct entry into the industry (Batty, 2014). However, no section is inferior. If one wants to be a BAFTA or Oscar-winning screenwriter, then he must start from somewhere and get ready for every obstacle in the path to success (Stack, 2006). It is also observed that there is a huge difference in the quality of scriptwriting between the UK industry and the USA industry (Silver-Lasky, 2004). Moreover, the students have to perfectly identify and recognize every possible pathway to enter into this industry. So an analysis of all the possible entrance ways is also very significant. The industry and the screenwriting segment are going through a hard time. There are a number of issues trending currently in this sector. There are strengths that make this section of the industry a significant and influencing factors, but there are some weaknesses that pose a great threat to the industry (Hendricks, 2010). The situation calls for the adoption of proper and perfect strategies. There are a few recommendations that have to be observed and analyzed carefully in order to have the perfect understanding of current situation.