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种族问题在影片中非常重要,甚至贯穿始终。例如,当黛利拉在商店里看到萨姆森写在墙上的爱的留言时,她送给他一个装着薯条的包。参孙最终跟随黛利拉来到她祖母的住处,在那里,黛利拉的祖母米吉利·吉布森(Mitjili Gibson)提出了与种族有关的问题。祖母在影片中提出了种族问题,声称根据他们的血缘关系,参孙是黛利拉的最终选择,因为他有合适的皮肤,因此鼓励她嫁给他。电影中的场景也反映了澳大利亚土著社区的亲属关系和传统中有很多重要的因素。黛利拉的祖母断言参孙实际上是她结婚的“合适的皮肤”,这表明一些种族和部落允许彼此结婚,而另一些则不允许(Radstone, 2010,第23页)。



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The issue of race is quite significant in the film and it even runs throughout it. For instance, when Delilah sees Samson at the shop with the love message he had written on the wall, she presents him with a packet containing chips. Samson eventually follows Delilah up to her grandmother’s place where the Mitjili Gibson (Delilah’s grandmother) brings out the issue to do with race. The grandmother brings out the issue of race in the film by asserting that based on their system of kinship, Samson was the ultimate choice for Delilah to marry because he had the right skin and thus encourages her to marry him. Scenes in the film also present the fact that there is a lot of importance in the kinship and tradition of the Indigenous communities in Australia. The assertion by Delilah’s grandmother that Samson was actually “the right skin” for her to marry is a pointer that some races and tribes were allowed to marry each other while others were not allowed (Radstone, 2010, p. 23).
Through Samson and Delilah, the theme of race comes to the limelight because it is actually through the film that the importance of skin names can be known. In most parts of central Asia, the skin system is actually a kinship system which exists to depict each individual’s “complex relationship” to each other. Skin names are used in Samson and Delilah as a basic genuine reason of knowing whom one could marry. On the other hand, the beginning of the film depicts the stark reality of life that a small community belonging to the Aborigines undergoes in a desert located in Central Australia. Racialism is highly depicted when the film indicates that Delilah and grandmother struggling to make ends meet. This is through making Aboriginal art that is sold to a local arts dealer where they almost get nothing; the white dealer on the other hand makes huge profits out of the trade.
The putting of measures to differentiate between the White settlers and the Indigenous in the film clearly points out the theme of race and racial segregation for that matter. The film indicates how measures such as the suspension of the “Racial Discrimination Act” advances the issue of racial segregation in Australia at that time by ensuring the relocation of individuals who were not of the white race. Through Samson and Delilah, Thornton clearly paints the picture of race as a theme. This is well achieved through painting of a “bleak image” of the white Australians and the dynamic that exists among the Indigenous communities. It can also be genuinely ascertained that the treatment of both Delilah and Samson presents a terrifying view of racism to people from the poor society.