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What recommendations would you make to a practicing change manager/change agent to maximize the possibility of a successful change implementation?

Ans. The change agents are a powerful group of leaders who help an organization to experience strategic transformations or changes.

In order to get success in the organizational change implementation, a change agent has to follow the below points:

  • He needs a psychological understanding of the change required.
  • He should be powerful and influential in order to make effective changes.
  • He should be a strong leader who has the knack of visualizing and supporting the expected change.
  • He should be an expert after all the trial and error methods and should be able to take the organization where it intends to be.

Therefore, a good change agent can either work for the welfare of the organization or make it a failure by adopting wrong measures. They work as change champions who are trained to adjust according to the changing situations just like CEOs and senior managers (Warrick, D. D, 2009). So choosing the right change agent to implement the change strategies is mandatory to keep the organization high and unmoved.


This paper analysis the change management in detail wherein there is my personal experience and my colleague’s experience has been incorporated along with the current change literature analysis. This is an overview of the change analysis which enlightens one to move forward with no complexities when it comes to organizational change. Therefore, it is advisable to have a positive change and the employees should take it positively in order to absorb the change because when it comes to organizational change no table is left unturned.