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产品长度:产品长度通常被认为是一个特定服装公司的总可用产品数量(Fernandes, Gouveia, &Pinho, 2012)。服装公司的这一策略通常是对公司产品线中所有可用的产品进行分类。可以将产品按价格、型号、款式、规格等不同类别进行分类。

加拿大农业学论文代写 :产品组合策略

产品宽度:一般指服装行业产品线的扩张策略(Colovic, 2015)。产品线也可以定义为紧密关联的产品项的产品系列或产品类别。这些紧密相关的产品系列或类别通常是在相同的技术下生产的,价格范围几乎是相同的或针对同一类型的客户。例如,一家生产男装产品的服装制造公司将产品的宽度扩大到生产童装。产品宽度一般是将服装生产企业的多元化战略定义为同一产品线中不同的产品。

加拿大农业学论文代写 :产品组合策略

A product mix strategy is also referred as a variety of products usually carried by a garment company. In other terms, product mix can also be described as all the different types of products offered by a single company. The product mix strategies used by fashion garment industries around the world are as follow:

Product Length: Product length is generally considered as the total number of products available under a particular garment company (Fernandes, Gouveia, &Pinho, 2012). This strategy of garment companies is usually implemented to categorize all the products available in the product line of the company. It can be performed by segregating the products under different sections such as price, type, style and specifications.

加拿大农业学论文代写 :产品组合策略

Product Width: It generally refers to the expansion strategy of the product line of fashion garment industry (Colovic, 2015). The product line can also be defined as product series or product categories of the closely associated product item. These closely associated product series or categories are often manufactured under the same technology, and the price range is almost similar or meant for the same type of customers. For example, a garment manufacturing company manufacturing men’s garment products expands its product width to manufacture kid’s garments. Product width generally defines the diversification strategies of a garment manufacturing company into the different product in the same product line.