Assignment First

加拿大paper代写-Telstra’s goal。The prime objective of Telstra is maximizing ROC (Return on capital) on its investment. Another objective of Telstra is creating for everyone a brilliantly connected future.
The market place’s needs must be met with the development of the pricing. This would provide reflection with respect to the optimization of the positioning of its products, maximization of the shareholder value and its commercial position, supporting of the business strategies, and the value proposition of the sold products. The proposals related to the varying of and establishing the prices must be complying with the regulatory requirements, guidelines related to the pricing, and company policies of Telstra.
Telstra strive in providing all customers with experiences, which are of high quality across all devices and platforms (Kaplan and Norton 1992). The product management of Telstra strives to leverage existing technologies and platforms in delivering profitable and innovative products meeting the needs of the customers individually.
Competitive advantages & core competencies
The Telstra strives for providing unique benefits to customers that provides the organization with competitive advantages in the Australian market:
Brand has high awareness
Customers are offered with a plethora of services
Infrastructure of both mobile and fixed line is controlled
Network coverage is through geographical boundary of Australia
Telstra being the market leader provides assurance to the customers with stability in its operation (Grant 1991)
R&D is funded by its own
The Commonwealth Government owns 51.8% of Telstra. If required, written direction can be given to Telstra by the Communications Minster in ensuring the upholding of the public interest of Australia.
At present, the products and the services of Telstra has the support of 2G and the mobile technologies of 2.5 CDMA. However, the 3G mobile technology has been introduced, that creates the opportunity for Telstra regarding the adept management of the marketing mix and the products so that there is maximization of the revenue from the retail customers with products that have support of both emerging and existing technologies. The products that are supported by the 3G technology are built with the capability of transferring both non-voice data and the voice data providing added services. This area of technology is likely to be the new area in the mobile domain which is likely to be fast growing for Telstra.
The investment flowing in the telecom sector’s support networks exceeds $8 billion in Australia making it clear that this industry has considerable entry barrier (Porter 1985). This makes the situation better for Telstra as the threat of new entrants is low in Australia.

加拿大paper代写 -Telstra’s goal。 澳洲电信的主要目标是使其投资的资本回报率最大化。澳州电信的另一个目标是为所有人创造一个美好的互联未来。


澳洲电信致力于为所有客户提供高质量的跨设备和平台的体验(Kaplan和Norton 1992)。澳洲电讯的产品管理致力利用现有的技术和平台,提供盈利及创新的产品,以满足个别客户的需要。










目前,澳洲电信的产品和服务支持2G,移动技术支持2.5 CDMA。然而,3G移动技术的引入,为澳州电信创造了机会,熟练地管理营销组合和产品,使来自零售客户的收入最大化,产品既支持新兴技术,也支持现有技术。3G技术支持的产品具有传输非语音数据和提供附加服务的语音数据的能力。这一技术领域很可能成为移动领域的新领域,对澳州电信来说,这一领域可能会快速增长。

澳大利亚电信部门支持网络的投资超过80亿美元,表明该行业有相当大的进入障碍(Porter 1985)。由于新进入者在澳大利亚的威胁较低,这使得澳大利亚电信的处境变得更好。