Assignment First





In order to explore the essay thesis statement in more enhanced way and justify the disagreement from the same, nationalism and its discussion is essential (Hobsbawm, 366). In the book nations and nationalism since 1780: programme, myth and reality by Hobsbawm, the authors focused on developing and exploring the state of nationalism and how invalid the concerns can be. The author further tries to view the politics of British people with a clear eye. The author further criticized “Thatcher’s principles on labour right sentiments and strategic proposals to develop a model of engaging intellect” (Hobsbawm, 366). But the reason that westerners had problems with the concept of nationalism had formed the core of this book. The book is advocated as a research of “history based scholars and surveying the politics on nationalism ever after the France Revolution”. Nationalism according to the author in the book should have “reflection of long term cultures and traditional perspectives rather than trying to modernize and evolve as a modernized nation” (Rocker, 166). The colonial times can be connected with this conception of nationalism in a way that colonial ruling nations have less of shared values and beliefs with a focus on mere political constructions and democratic benefits. This nationalism in the developed economies has brought an apparent need to understand the decolonization in the world today without unity.

Another book referred to with regard to nationalism was Nationalism and culture by Rudolf Rocker. The book consisted of several aspects related between political approaches, economic materialism and democratic ruling (Ellswood, 213). The book takes on the approach of exploring racial discrimination and racially bound societies existing even in the globalized world of 21st century. Upon clearer critique of the book, it was evident to state that “decolonization has brought forward the unique concepts that were missed out during colonization such as humanity” (Ellswood, 213). The existence of certain circumstances such as poverty and hunger along with discrimination and human based subjects has further created a need to obtained unified beliefs which has seriously caused damage to developing worlds such as Africa. The European colonial rule and nationalism do not go hand in hand especially because of diverse beliefs in one opposed to the rules of the others. However with changes brought in through globalization, decolonization seems to benefit the society.