Assignment First

  本篇加拿大商业论文代写-食品安全计划讲了服务部门的质量是一个过程,需要持续的过程改进和产品的持续交付。客人服务应符合一定的卫生要求。此外,酒店行业很难在一贯的基础上提供高质量的服务。在布里斯班目前竞争激烈的酒店业中,酒店必须保持政府规定的要求(Reynolds et al., 2013)。他们还必须考虑到独特的无形服务,这将使酒店从竞争对手中脱颖而出(Friedman和Van Camp, 2016)。本篇加拿大商业论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Quality in the service sector is a process that requires continual process improvement and also consistent delivery of the products. The guest services are expected to meet certain hygiene requirements. There is also the delivering of the quality of service on a consistent basis that is difficult for the hotel industry. In the current competitive hospitality sector in Brisbane, it is imperative for the hotel to maintain the government mandated requirements (Reynolds et al., 2013). They must also factor in the unique intangible services that would make the hotel stand apart from the competitors (Friedman and Van Camp, 2016).

  The purpose of this analysis is to analyse the Montrachet Restaurant in Brisbane Australia and conduct a security and food audit of the premises. Certain recommendations have been developed for the Montrachet Restaurant and they been detailed in the following. As an inception step, the audit results are tabulated in the following.

  Audit Outcome

  Initially on visiting the premise and tasting the food, it was alluded that the French haute cuisine was an unique experience with really attentive service. The service was impeccable to say the least. This was an overall allusion that was made from this analysis. The audit based on the theoretical framework has been detailed in the following.

  Food businesses in Australia are considered to be a part of the Food safety program that is required to have third-party Food safety audit. These audits need to be compliant with the food safety program. These are considered to part of the food act and the applicable food safety standards. The food hygiene Australia added the issues of storage, safety and cleanliness of the food. There is also audit conducted to check if the food businesses have been compliant with the program.