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Children which experience poverty are influenced through various conditions such as inadequate health conditions and insufficient access to health care systems without enough capital (Hallett et al, 2003). ECC or Early childhood caries is a dental caries of virulent form with an ability of destroying the toddlers and children who are pre-schoolers dentition. This is to story across the globe and New Zealand is no different wherein ECC afflicts the predominantly poor children. At higher risk are the indigenous population groups of New Zealand as they suffer from extreme poverty and poverty filled determinants. This essay thesis has been developed with an essay thesis statement that focuses on the determinants that lead to early childhood caries in children living under poor conditions in New Zealand.

It is important to consider ECC as an infectious health issue impacted by various factors inclusive especially of socio-economic deteriorated conditions, practices of parenting and nutrition of mother and the infant. Oral health in early childhood needs to be considered as a part of complete health and well-being of children (Wan et al, 2001). In addition, it should not be forgotten that children living in poverty filled environment has no access to health nor do they have any knowledge and therefore, health communities and authorities should work together in order to bring a difference to these children’s innocent childhood. Adapting to preventive strategies such as informing on the use of tooth paste is furthermore important because it helps in delaying ECC and also is a cheaper means by which such a drastic disease can be tackled.