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  本篇加拿大市场营销论文代写-国际足联讲了国际足联或国际足球联合会是一个国际管理机构。它管理的体育项目包括五人制足球、沙滩足球和英式足球。它也是世界杯的组织者,世界杯是最重要的体育赛事之一。国际足联成立于1904年,负责管理在比利时、丹麦、法国和其他国家举行的比赛。目前,成员国数目为211个。国际足联总部设在苏黎世。本篇加拿大市场营销论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  FIFA or the Federation Internationale de Football Association is an international governing body. The sports that it governs and regulates include futsal, beach soccer and association football. It is also the organiser of the FIFA World Cup which is one of the most important sporting events. The FIFA was established in 1904 entrusted with the responsibility to look after the competitions held in Belgium, Denmark, France and other countries. At present, the number of member countries is 211. The headquarters of FIFA is at Zurich.

  The FIFA had received considerable media and public attention recently, because of several investigations that revealed multiple cases of bribery and fraud at the managerial level of the organisation (, 2015). Similarly, the organisation was criticised for its labour management policies with regards to the conditions under which the migrant workers have to work (Crowl, 2014). After the findings of bribery and fraud through investigations, 9 high ranked officials were indicted. Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini were accused of turning a blind eye to the happenings and were both expelled by the ethics committee of the organisation.

  Issues identified and analysis

  Businesses in any sector are hugely affected by the level to which they maintain ethics and morality in their transactions. This is mostly because of how they play a part within both the external and internal environments (Bolman & Deal, 2017). Since businesses affect and are also affected by the kind of relationships, they share with the environmental factors, it becomes crucial for them to note the ethical and moral limitations of their actions. This also helps them in keeping themselves motivated to work towards building a sustainable future (Luthans, et al., 2015). In this regard, what becomes important is to understand the growth of the business. Working sustainably would not only help in creating a better future but also help the business by ensuring its continued growth.

  FIFA had recently been affected by various allegations. The most severe of those have been with regards to match fixing facilitated by bribery, fraud and illegal gambling. The various allegations have been noted to have threatened the integrity of the sport which has also raised questions about how the mangers and the upper executive members of the organisations work. This has been crucial since the then FIFA president Sepp Blatter had been associated with such acts (Halliday, 2015). In this regard, what has also been noted is the action of the organisational committee to turn a blind eye to the actions even when it came to know of the same. It has been noted that the governance system of FIFA is hugely flawed which in itself encourages such actions among the members of the board.