Assignment First






In the current post modern society, all the goods and services are just a click away. The definition of luxury brand has been modified from being rare, overly priced and available only to the elite class. The consumer behaviour with respect to the luxury fashion brand has changed completely. In the current scenario consumers derive pleasure by interacting with new brands in the market and it is not confined just to the products which they have to buy (Crotty, 2003). Even the brands like Burberry make sure that it delivers relevant customer experiences seamlessly at every point while interacting with the customers.

The post modern customers are said to enjoy the fictionalization of the reality and they appear to be imitator of the styles created by the marketing systems. These customers love to consume all activities in virtual manner (Deuze, 2007). Post modernity is an evolution of the customer from accepting what is given to them to customizing what the market has to offer. In the current times, the consumer should not be seen as a target for selling the products rather the customer should be treated as the producer of experiences.

The post modern customers often make the buying decisions by seeing the image on the product. The image on the product should coincide with the images shown in the advertisements. The image on the product should be such that it attracts the right set of customers. Post modern customers associate their image, value, status and lifestyle with the product which they buy or use. Hence the marketers should make sure to understand the target market and then to position their products accordingly using appropriate image and message. The advertisements help the consumer to associate themselves with the people, object and content of the advertisement (Firat, 1991). Even branding has its own importance when dealing with the post modern customers. In post modern times, the consumer is not the passive target for image marketing but he actively participates when it comes to creativity, connectivity and interactivity.