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There are many studies which have shown that the main source of the calories in the diet of an average human being is from the sweetened and soda drinks. In addition, many specialists and nutritionists are of the opinion that if soft drinks like Coca Cola or Pepsi are consumed in an excessive amount then it could have several harmful impacts. This case true generally in children whose consumption of soft drink takes a toll on their consumption of a balanced diet. Moreover, there were studies conducted which showed that the individuals who consume soft drinks on regular basis tend to have a low amount of intake of some crucial elements like ascorbic acid, calcium, vitamin A, magnesium and riboflavin. There have been instances where soft drinks have received various criticisms because of their use of caffeine which might result in physical addiction. Another aspect of the health consequences of soft drink has been shown with the link amongst the osteoporosis in elder women and intake of soft drink for longer term. The reason which was found for this was basically because of the presence of phosphoric acid. In non-caffeinated and caffeinated drinks too there was the same risk involved and so was true for the sugared and diet soft-drinks.

There have been many cases in the court on Coca-Cola Company which alleged them of the fact that consumption of soft drinks results in acidity which is very harmful. Specific evidences have been shown in some of these cases where it was shown that compared to the normal acidic fruit juices and soft drinks; Coca Cola was not more dangerous. There is an increased risk of damaging teeth by means of dental erosion which is caused due to usual experience of teeth with acidic drinks.