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Individuals creating theories of management rely highly upon mathematics and observations for the construction of a model for the activities of business. Practices and theories of management rely upon several case study and the personal experiences of managers in order to deal with the situations of work place (Purcell and Boxall, 2002). It is important to acknowledge and apply the theories of management in a business organization. This is done by the managers for management of people or employees within the business organization. However, it is important to know how the application of these theories result in successful management of employees in the business organization.

By the application of several theories of management, managers become successful in playing their role and enhancing their skills of management. By successfully playing their role and with enhanced skills of management, managers become successful in the management of employees within the business organization (Cardy, 2008). These theories help in making managers as good leaders and vice versa, and both, managers and leaders are needed for the organization.

Referring to a number of theories of management, the essay will be discussing the relevance of management theories for managers in order to manage the employees and people in the business organization. The theories that will be considered for this purpose are leadership theory, motivation and conflict management theory.

Importance of Leadership Theories

Trait theory, behavioural theory, transactional theory and transformational theory contribute in distinguishing the good managers from good leaders that have to play significantly different roles. Hence, it can be stated that the theories of leadership contribute in making strong leaders that hold the responsibility of managing employees within the work place.