Assignment First


有一天,几个月后,日本人通过轰炸袭击了达尔文;首先,在任务岛上发射炸弹,因为有一些重要的通信东西的发射塔。 Maheen夫人被认为是离开了;尽管它成为了加利卜的妻子。纳贝尔和苏海尔那天晚上到达了镇上的马匹。在Nabeel确定没有人格格子操作的孩子是否被野蛮的暴力袭击所杀害的情况下,他与Sohail一起在一艘单桅帆船(小帆船)上匆匆而过,露出一口气。故事中至高无上的感人场景,Nabeel发现女孩在寒冷的户外烧焦的任务大厦里皱起了一身破旧的鞋子;告诉他们,当炸弹袭击并推断出最脆弱的时候,他们都是幸运的。虽然新鲜的青少年若有所思地来自他们所习惯的灌木丛,日本军人却上升,而成年的孩子们则和梅根一起游回船上。 Nabeel将一部分木材残骸引向后面的小船,谁是新鲜的和非游泳者紧密的边界。苏海尔为了掩护他们到达船上的绳索,抬起绳梯,躲过了一艘避难所的铁塔,最后被日本人沿着海岸标志着一场绝望的冲刺。

达尔文的水边被撕成碎片,港口里充满了沉重的船只,估计有更多的空气入侵,所以现在最后的撤退在那里发生。 Maheen夫人接近同意,被军士长对最后过往的一辆卡车进行牧养。她在遥远的地方接受了青少年在“彩虹之上”的声音,并向码头倾斜。船似乎通过烟雾云,她是与Nabeel和Irtiza联合。


One day, after some months, Japanese attacked the Darwin by bombing; first, the bombs are fired on the mission island, as there are some vital transmitting towers for communication stuff.            Lady Maheen is believed to be departed; though it cracks out to be the wife of Ghalib. The Nabeel and Sohail reach the town courtesy of their horses, that night. After the Nabeel determines that nobody has plaid whether the operation kids actually were slayed in the barbaric violence attack or not, he, Sohail with Megan the irritable publican nut off on a sloop (small sail boat) to patterned. The supreme touching scene of the story, the Nabeel finds the girls piteously shabby shoes crinkled up in a straight disorder outdoor the scorching mission edifice; telling they were all fortunate when the bombs strikes and deduces the wickedest. Though the fresh teenagers thoughtfully comes from the brushwood where they had been walloping in. Japanese soldiers go up, while the adult children swim back to the ship with Megan. The Nabeel directs a portion of timber wreckage back to the boat with offspring; who are fresher and non-swimmers tight-fitting to the boundaries. Sohail sojourns hidden overdue one of the jetty pylons to cover their arrival to the ship and rise up the rope ladder, but his ransack gridlocks, and at last, he is gunshot by the Japanese when he marks a desperate sprint along the seashore.

Darwin’s waterside is in shreds, by the harbor full of plummeting ships, and additional air invasions are estimated, so now the last retreats are happening there. Lady Maheen is near to consent, being shepherded against one of the final passing trucks by the military Sergeant. She receives the task teenagers vocal ‘over the rainbow’ in the remoteness, and pates to the jetty; the boat seems through the clouds of smoke and she is joint with the Nabeel and Irtiza.