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1987年,安德烈斯·瑟拉诺(Andres Serrano)在纽约就宗教商业化和盗用问题发表评论,他点击了一幅照片,其中一幅十字架据称被淹没在他的尿液中。2011年,在法国,一群基督教原教旨主义者和天主教活动人士在阿维尼翁的一间画廊里,大幅削减了基督教徒的照片。Piss Christ是一个让当代艺术震惊的视觉宣言。它是一种杰出的艺术,因为它的计算性犯罪和修辞性质。艺术家所犯的罪行被用来澄清它的意义,尽管它是一件令人发指的艺术品。在过去的30年里,基督是最具影响力的艺术作品。它是一种把艺术的影响转化为公众的模范策略。

在传统的时代,基督与艺术家的血液有关,因为他的激情总是与身体的液体联系在一起。没有一个传统的艺术家为描绘基督的肉体死亡提供了相当大的数量。这种艺术作品与《格伦瓦尔德》中的基督在Isenheim altarpiece中是合法的。在这张由Serrano拍摄的照片中,十字架唤起了安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)致敬的虔诚(Olivier,2007)。在Serrano的作品中,基督的苦难表现在玻璃上,十字架在那里闪耀着黄色的尿液,但它仍然以一种神秘的方式发光,尽管在身体的臭气中。这仅仅意味着,在最坏的情况下,上帝也会通过他的魅力四射。这是一种通过直接和情感的介入来深入传达宗教主题的艺术,它描绘了Serrano对现实艺术的热情,它对每个人都有意义(Silvia,2009)。任何被认为是亵渎神明的艺术品都可以很容易地激起人们的情感,基督徒也会为精神的胜利而自豪,尽管他们是肉体的耻辱。

2009年5月13日,这幅作品的拍卖价格为10万- 15万美元,由苏富比纽约拍卖行拍卖。2011年4月9日,拍卖价格为3万5千美元,由纽约菲利普斯拍卖行拍卖。2011年11月9日,这幅画在纽约克里斯蒂拍卖行以20万- 30万美元的价格拍卖。2014年5月14日,在上东区的菲利普斯纽约,Piss Christ被拍卖了10万到15万美元。2014年11月13日,佳士得纽约拍卖行以6万- 8万美元(邓克尔,2014年)拍卖。


 Andres Serrano in 1987 in New York for commenting on the religious commercialization and misappropriation clicked a photograph in which a crucifix was allegedly submerged in his urine. In 2011 in France a group of Christian fundamentalists with catholic activists slashed the Piss Christ photo in a gallery in Avignon. Piss Christ was a visual manifesto that brought shock to the contemporary art. It is a distinguished piece of art due to its calculative offence and rhetoric nature. The offence done by the artist is used for clarifying its meaning though it is an outrageous piece of art. Since past 30 years, Piss Christ is the most influential art work. It worked as a model strategy for transforming the impact of art on public.
In traditional times, the Christ was associated with blood by the artists as his passion is always associated with fluids of body. None of the traditional artists supplied considerable amount if efforts for portraying the fleshy death of Christ. This art work is legitimately comparable to the Grunewald’s Christ in Isenheim altarpiece. In this photograph by Serrano the crucifix evoked the religiosity to which Andy Warhol paid homage (Olivier, 2007). In the work of Serrano the sufferings of Christ are shown in a glass where the crucifix shines through yellow urine but still it was glowing in a mysterious way in-spite of being in the stinking waste of the body. It simply means that God in worst situation also shines through his charismatic powers. It is an art that deeply communicates religious themes through direct and emotional involvement that portrayed Serrano’s passion for realistic art which has some meaningful content for everyone (Silvia, 2009). The easily provoked people can be easily aroused by any artwork that is considered as blasphemous then also Christians can feel proud for the victory of spirit despite of humiliation of the flesh.
In 2009 on 13th May, the auction price of this art work was $100,000 -150,000 and was auctioned by Sotheby’s New York. In 2011 on 9th April, the auction price was $30,000-50,000 and was auctioned by Phillips New York. On 9th November 2011, this painting was auctioned for $ 200,000-300,000 in Christie’s New York. Piss Christ was auctioned for $ 100,000 -150,000 on May 14th 2014 in Phillips New York, Upper East Side. On November 13th 2014, it was auctioned by Christie’s New York for $60,000-80,000 (Dunkel, 2014).