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加拿大艺术史论文代写 :妇女也有接受教育的权利



加拿大艺术史论文代写 :妇女也有接受教育的权利

Access to education is the right of every individual. However, it has been seen that right to education has not properly worked in the case of women. There are many women all over the world who do not have appropriate access to education and living a life without gender is impossible for them. The gender differences have played a significant role in reducing the access to education for women. Achieving equality in every aspect of life must be the basis of feminist perspective, but in realistic, sense equality has not been achieved in various sectors, and education is one such field.

加拿大艺术史论文代写 :妇女也有接受教育的权利

There has been a presumption about the role of women who is considered as the sole care giver for the children and home. I believe that somehow this situation has also affected the women’s right towards education. The traditional roles consider women to take care of their families and children, due to which women are not able to gain benefits for themselves. The independency of making choices is the right which has been often denied to women. Instead of defining a woman as biology, she must be defined by her personal attributes. She must be provided with the rights to education and should be free to make her own choices in life.

Speaking about women education and equality is easy to speak, but it is difficult to understand. The new policies and strategies developed specially for women will help in their empowerment. For immigrant women, language and cultural difference are also challenging, and because of this, they get very low paying jobs that could not fulfill their basic needs. The difference between the Canadian family earning and living is very high in comparison to Immigrant women. I believe that providing cost free education and training services can help these women to live a better life.