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加拿大英语文学论文代写 :东京的建筑简介

东京以朝日啤酒馆、东京国际论坛、彩虹桥、NTT Docomo Yoyogi大厦、Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower等国际知名现代建筑形式为特色。还有两个塔独特特色在城市东京的东京铁塔,东京天空树是相对较新的,这是最高的建筑在日本全国及全世界第二个最高的塔和结构都坐落在迪拜的哈利法塔。


加拿大英语文学论文代写 :东京的建筑简介

Architecture within Tokyo is majorly shaped by the history of Tokyo. It is evident within the history that the metropolis has been left ruined not once but twice. The initial devastation was brought by the Great Kanto earthquake in the 1923 following by the extensive fire-bombing during the World War II . Due to these instances, the urban landscape of Tokyo majorly consists of architecture of contemporary and modern styles while the old building are rarely viewed.

加拿大英语文学论文代写 :东京的建筑简介

Various internationally renowned modern architectural forms are featured in Tokyo including Asahi Beer Hall, Tokyo International Forum, Rainbow Bridge, NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building and Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower. There are also two towers distinctively featured within the city of Tokyo that are the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Sky Tree which is relatively new, and it is the tallest building in the nation of Japan and second tallest tower and structure all across the world after the Burj Khalifa situated in Dubai.
The state architecture also involved various gardens and parks (Jinnai, 2016). There is presence of four national parks in the prefecture of Tokyo inclusive of National Park of Fuji-Hakone-Izu involving all the islands of Izu.