Assignment First


有助于2025年的未来应该是有涡轮增压的发动机。事实上,这种带涡轮增压的发动机将变得更加可持续和高效,这可以被认为是汽车制造商选择的发动机技术。这种改进将开发8速变速器,轮胎特性得到改进,例如降低了滚动阻力,空气动力学的改进将在2025年达到54.5 MPG的目标(Tokieda,2004)。这将导致提高效率,同时减少汽缸数量。有了这款发动机,像卡车和福特F-150这样的雪佛兰Silverado这样的车型将能够搭载四缸发动机。这将涉及大量的时间和投资花费在具有电动插电式混合动力车和所有电动式柴油发动机以及其他混合动力车的组合上。然而,据估计,可以插入或电力运行的车辆只能在市场上保持3%的责任(Frizelle,2010)。柴油和其他类型的混合动力将在市场上占有一定的份额。但是,这个份额不能被认为是重要的。说明这个引擎还没有经过测试,并且不能保证结果的准确性也是很重要的。只是根据科学事实认为是准确的,还有实际应用的需要。

几乎每一台现代化的柴油发动机都应该具有涡轮增压器的功能。 这是由于可持续发展在汽车行业中极为重要,因为汽车对环境和全球变暖负有重要的责任。


The future that will help in the year 2025 should be having engines of turbocharge. As a matter of fact, this engine with turbocharge will be becoming highly more sustainable and efficient, and this can be considered as the technology of engine for being chosen by the automakers. This improvement will be developing the transmission of 8- speed, with improved features of tires such as lower resistance on rolling, and improvement of aerodynamics will be providing the goal of 54.5 MPG in cars and trucks by the year 2025 (Tokieda, 2004). This will result in improving the efficiency while involving less number of cylinders. With this engine, vehicles such as Chevy Silverado that is a pickup truck and Ford F-150 will be able to run with an engine of four cylinders. This will involve significant time and investment being spent on hybrids with electric plug- in and all electric, engines running on diesel, and combinations of other hybrids. However, it has been estimated that vehicles that can be plugged in or electrically run, will only be holding the accountability of 3 percent in the market (Frizelle, 2010). Diesels along with other types of hybrid will be having some share in the market. However, this share cannot be considered as being significant. It is also important to state that this engine has not yet been tested and does not ensure accuracy of result. It has only been considered accurate according to scientific facts and there is still need for practical application.

Almost every single modern engines of diesel should be having features of turbochargers. This is due to the fact that sustainability is extremely important in the industry of automobile as automobiles are responsible for affecting the environment and global warming in a significant manner.