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当前的经济世界正遭受着许多在过去几年中受到压制的经济问题。这些问题并没有影响到任何一个国家,但是,它们导致了整个世界的许多问题。这些问题中的一些是如此之大,以至于导致了世界上的危机局势。国际金融危机是世界上最严重的经济问题之一。经济各个层面都存在着各种各样的金融危机。成千上万的人期望生活水平会大幅度提高,最终导致生活水平的下降。由于金融危机,世界上数以百万计的儿童不得不离开那里接受教育。此外,在国家和国际层面上,数百至数十亿美元的财富消失了。在最近的几次金融危机已如此巨大,已经有了问号,对国家的稳定(Obstfeld &毛里斯,2012)。在本论文中,对国际金融危机进行了详细的研究。所讨论的问题包括世界金融危机的根源、金融危机产生的根源以及如何设计金融体系或治理,以避免世界金融危机。在研究结束时,我们将研究应对金融危机的各种应对措施以及国际社会和国家政策的需要。

各国的金融和货币制度都是为了提高国家金融体系的效率而设计的。有关世界经济发展的国际金融理论与经济增长与进步有关的理论有很多。在过去的五年中,一直在世界的大动荡(Calomiris,et al.,1991)。美国和欧洲主要组织的财务状况急剧下降,导致了金融危机。


The present economic world is suffering from a large number of economic issues which have subdued in the past few years. These issues haven’t effected any single nation, but, they have led to a numerous problems in the entire world.  Some of these issues are so vast that they have led to the situation of crises in the world. One of the most important economic issues which has created havoc in the world is the international financial crises. There are varied financial crises at each and every level in the economy. Thousands of people who expect that there standards of living would substantially rise, eventually leads to the fall of the living of standards. Millions of children in different parts of the world have to leave there education due to the financial crises. Also, on the national and international level, hundreds to billions of dollars of wealth goes away. The financial crises in the recent times have been so vast that there has been averted question mark on the stability of the nation (Obstfeld & Maurice, 2012). In this research paper, the international financial crises have been studied in detail. The issues which has been addressed includes the sources of the financial crises in the world, the roots for the emergence of the financial crises and the ways by which the system or the governance should be design so as to avoid the financial crises in the world. In the end of the research we will be studying various responses towards the financial crises and the need of the international community and the national policies.

Financial and the monetary systems of the nations have been designed in order to have the improvement in the efficiency of the financial system of the nation. There have been a number of theories which are related to the international financial development in the world leading to the economic growth and advancement. In the last five years, there has been a major turmoil in the world (Calomiris, et al., 1991).  A sharp decline in the financial status of the leading organizations in US and Europe has led to the financial crises.